Tierkommunikation Costa Rica

Learn telepathy with animals 

Do you want to learn to talk to animals on the most beautiful beach in the world?

Together with dogs, horses, iguanas, turtles, rays, whales, dolphins, hummingbirds, monkeys, parrots and many other animals? 

Learn step by step how to get in touch with your pets,  all animals and nature.

Become a professional animal communicator

If you are a nature-loving person who longs for more connection with animals and nature, our intensive training in animal communication is just for you. Treat yourself to a break, a training course in the most beautiful country in the world, meet wild animals and learn to talk to them. Learn how to connect with your pets and help others understanding theirs. Become a professional animal communicator and finally give your work life a deeper meaning.

Costa Rica means „rich coast“ and that’s exactly what it is. This land has a very rich energy, a great abundance. Costa Ricans live long and are one of the happiest people in the world. Thanks to the climate and the indomitable nature, they live very much in harmony with their country. There is no army in Costa Rica, hunting is forbidden and the most common saying is: „Pura vida“ – pure life. Experience what is meant by saying „All is one“.

Catherin Seib Tierkommunikatorin Costa Rica

  Catherin Seib, founder, CEO and coach

Once you have completed this training, your professional animal talks can be offered worldwide at any distance, your work will be as remote as it can be. You will also learn shamanic journeys to find spirit animals for other people and simple energy work. During the breaks you can refresh yourself in the pool or in the ocean, which starts just 30 meters from our door. Drink a coconut straight from the tree, watch the waves. Experience free-roaming horses and wild animals. We have our own beach access under palm trees, our beach is incredibly long and mostly deserted. On our training's "adventure day" we meet wild animals in their natural environment.

Space, light, freedom and nature are what you get here. During the teaching units you will receive individual support from me, Catherin Seib, teacher of professional animal communication since 15 years. I have trained hundreds of animal communicators and I assure you that in my step-by-step program you will learn how to conduct professional animal talks, which you can then offer in independent work.

Nothing stands in the way of your life as an animal communicator once you have completed the intensive training in animal communication. You don’t need any special requirements for this. The ability to speak telepathically with animals is given to everyone, it is a natural sense and not a gift to just some of us. Don't wait to finally connect with all beings around you.

This is what you get:

  • animal talks with your own animal
  • professional teaching by renowned German animal communicator and author Catherin Seib
  • practice-oriented, down-to-earth lessons in telepathic contact with animals in all facets
  • individual assistance
  • small group with a maximum of 6 participants
  • learning from animals on site
  • conversations with other living beings such as water, plants and stones
  • shamanic journeys to power animals
  • animal conversations with deceased animals
  • answers to all questions about animal communication
  • preparation for self-employment as a professional animal communicator
  • developing a professional attitude
  • instructions for creating an individual sales profile for self-employment
  • meditations on the beach
  • beach walks with our horses and dogs
  • dolphin and whale tour on the sea in front of our beach or visit to a macaw sanctuary or visit to a sea turtle hatchery
  • pleasant, warm atmosphere in our quiet beach house
  • access to the swimming pool
  • own beach access from the seminar house
  • fresh coconut water in the morning
  • local fruits and other snacks during class
  • access to supervised Facebook groups for constant exchange and practice opportunities
  • Certificate of Participation
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Costs: from USD 15,030.-

Awaken your instincts & learn to reconnect 

If you want to be part of this, you will receive a participation agreement that you fill out and sign. The training includes three course modules (basic, advanced and professional course) with a total maximum of six participants . The lessons take place over a total of ten days, with two additional break days and one additional adventure day in between (visit to a macaw sanctuary or whale and dolphin tour or visit to a sea turtle nursery, depending on availability). So you spend a total of 13 days with us. By the way, having an own animal is not a requirement for participation.

You will receive a certificate for successfully completing the intensive training course in animal communication. You will learn professional animal communication with all animal species.

Your travel costs, accommodation and meals (apart from snacks during the lessons and lunch on the adventure day) are not included. You will receive detailed information from us about travel and accommodation options in advance. We will be happy to pick you up from one of the accommodations mentioned in the information sheet in the morning before classes and bring you back there afterwards. We also offer you a free chauffeur service to and from one of the nearby cities for your arrival and departure.

Tiertelepathie Costa Rica

Course content - Animal Communication Basic Course

At the beginning of your intensive training in animal communication, you will learn how to establish telepathic contact with animals. You will be introduced to the subject in an uncomplicated way with a little theory, but above all with a lot of practice.
You will experience your first results in many animal conversations, in which you will receive messages from the animals that you couldn't have guesses. You will only be given the name, age and information about since when this animal belongs to its human. We only work with photos of the participants' pets, so that you cannot deduce anything from their behavior.

It will quickly become clear to you that telepathy actually works and that animal communication can be learned by anyone. Even your own pet can talk. The basic course is only about first small talk with pets. You may approach the matter lightheartedly. It will most likely be very nice and certainly quite funny.

After the basic animal communication course, we have a day off.

What you can expect:

  • Theoretical basic knowledge about animal communication
  • 2 days of practical, down-to-earth instruction without esotericism
  • 7 to 9 self-guided animal conversations with unfamiliar animals with subsequent detailed feedback
  • Practice animal talk with your own animal, in which all participants participate
  • Answers to all questions that arise
  • Introductory meditations for easy contact
  • Assistance with all beginner problems

Course content - Animal Communication Advanced Course

In our advanced course you will learn in three days how to deepen the animal communication skills learned in the basic course.

You will learn how to have longer and question-oriented animal conversations - even without the helping group. In this part of your training you will find out what the use of telepathy means and how to connect naturally with everything.

You will learn how to meet power animals in shamanic journeys, how to contact nature, and learn that deceased animals also speak to us. You will also speak with wild animals.

As mystical as it sounds, the contents of the advanced course are actually natural and beautiful.

 After the advanced course we have a day off.

Advanced course contents:

  • morning beach meditations
  • 3 days of varied lessons
  • Learning more sophisticated, longer animal conversations
  • Putting yourself in the body of the animal
  • Animal teacher talk for your further development
  • Nature talks with plants, waters and stones
  • Messages for your development from your helper animal
  • Getting to know your power animal in a shamanic journey
  • Implementation of shamanic journeys for clients
  • Animal conversations with deceased animals

Course content - Animal Communication Professional Course

The longest and last part of the training is the professional course. Here you will learn intensively in five days to bring your work as an animal communicator to a professional level.
 You will learn simple energy healing techniques as well as animal conversations with clients directly on the phone or on site. Problem cases with customers will be discussed. Your self-employment will find its origin here. You will intensively practice the professional attitude of a competent animal communicator in order to be able to work at the highest level.

The professional course will be interrupted by our "adventure day" to give your mind a break in between. We will visit wild animals of Costa Rica in their natural environment and talk to them. After that we will all relax and have an early dinner at a beautiful beach restaurant.

After you have completed this last part of your training, you will be a certified & trained animal communicator. You can use your services for all pets, all animals, humans and other beings globally.

What you learn and experience in the professional course:

  • professional animal talks in direct mediation on the phone or on site
  • Adopting a professional working mindset through physical and mental presence alignment
  • Role play with a real animal conversation for optimal customer interaction
  • Adventure day: Talking with wild animals
  • Energy healing remote treatment for humans and animals
  • meditative journeys for self-development
  • Basics of self-employment as an animal communicator
  • Certificate of completion of training as a professional animal communicator
  • membership of a Facebook group for professional animal communicators

Animal communication training: Dates 2024

Animal Communication Basic Course

march 2025, tba
daily 10 AM - 4 PM

Animal Communication Basic Course

Animal Communication Advanced Course

march 2025, tba
daily 10 AM - 4 PM

Animal Communication Advanced Course

Animal Communication Professional Course

march 2025, tba
daily 10 AM - 4 PM

Animal Communication Professional Course

What does it cost?

The training fee is USD 16,700,- per participant.

The above price describes the total cost of the animal communication training including all three course modules in total. Individual course modules cannot be booked. Payment in monthly rates is possible with the last installment until the end of the training, without extra charge. We grant a 3% discount for one-time payment within 14 days after registration and another 7% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you book until end of june 2023. Payment of the training fee can also be made by cryptocurrency.

Travel to and from the training, accommodation and meals are exclusive, i.e. not included in the training fee. Helpful tips for your travels to our beach and accomodation recommendations can be found in our info sheet, which will be gladly sent to you if you are interested.

Our optional pick-up and drop-off service from nearby cities for arrival and departure is free. Transportation on training days in the morning and afternoon from and to nearby accommodations is also included. And so is your lunch on our adventure day, also fees and transportation for our adventure day trip. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy this experience in as much bliss as possible. 

Intensivausbildung Tierkommunikation

Your path into animal communication

The focus of this training is clearly to help students achieve a professional attitude. This will be achieved through well-guided hands-on experiences in order to conduct professionally competent animal interviews, which will later be offered to your clients at the highest level. On-site and remotely. You should find out your strengths in animal communication and make it your unique selling point. There are still far too many animals and people who need us. And too few of us.

The idea is that you too can build a thriving self-employment from this. This offer is unique in the world, you benefit from the many years of full-time teaching experience of me as a renowned animal communicator and author. You will also benefit from the unique, natural and stunning training location on Costa Rica's Pacific coast.
The training is down-to-earth, comprehensive and sometimes a bit exhausting. I will teach you everything I can and know. In my work there are no dogmatic guidelines or scaremongering, I want to train you really well in a small group individually and I am not afraid of good competition, which you will then become.

This training will form you and help you to see the world in a different light. This will be fantastic and enlightening, but sometimes it can also be exhausting and throwing you off track.
If you want to do something for yourself and live in better harmony with nature. If you want to help humans and animals to live better together and give your professional life more meaning and fulfillment, then you are exactly in the right spot if you join us here.

Are you suitable for training as an animal communicator?

Many people wonder if they can succeed in learning to talk to animals. I know: It sounds too good to be true. But let me tell you that to date I have trained hundreds of people to talk to animals and have been able to teach thousands of people the basics of animal communications. From this I have learned that really anyone who wants to learn this, can do it. It is not reserved for a few people to work this way. Anyone can do it! So be brave and don't let your self-doubts stop you. Be brave and dare to make your profession your vocation.

If you want to join us, you will receive a participation agreement from us. Your contract is valid for one month, in this period you decide if you want to sign it. Your registration is not valid until you submit the signed contract to us. After the one month registration period you will not get a second chance for your registration.

This process ensures for all of us that we come together with one hundred percent conviction. This is the only way to ensure the desired growth of the individual participants and a harmonic group energy. It will be magical and for this we need a clear, common decision.

Contact me now to receive the training contract or to have a get-to-know conversation. Please use the contact form below. I am looking forward to meeting you! We all do.

with John, Happy & Cookie, Milan & Mouna & Makani
Tierkommunikatorin Catherin Seib Costa Rica

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