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Learn telepathy with horses

Do you want to learn to talk to horses and get real answers directly from the horse? Over any given distance? 

Learn step by step how to get in touch with your horses, pets and all animals, because animal communication works for all species equally.

Horse whisperer basic course

This seminar is all about telepathy: animal communication specifically for horses.

How does a horse feel? Does it enjoy being ridden? If yes, how? Does it have pain? Is it happy where it lives? Why does it behave in a certain way?

Many horse owners are keen to ask these and more questions. Sometimes really understanding what your horse thinks, wants and needs is diffcult. You want to be a good team with your horse and you want it to be happy, but it also needs to behave as you wish. Horses are being ridden, they are sports equipment, they need to function, not at last in order to not be dangerous for us.

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  Catherin Seib, founder, CEO and coach

"Animal communication" is the term for a telepathical connection with animals. Telepathy works over any given distance. Only a picture of the adressed animal is needed. For that, only the face can be visible and the photo doesn`t have to be recent.

As impossible and mysterious that might sound, animal communication is actually a natural sense that we all inherit. Our society has convinced us that these senses don`t exist, but many tribes of different cultures still use it. Our society has alienated a lot from nature. If you are a horse-lover or generally feel close to animals and nature, this might just be your thing. Learn to reconnect with your horse and move into a deeper understanding of a true friendship.

Nothing stands in the way of you connecting on a conversational level with actual exchange of information on a mental level with your horse and all animals. You don’t need any special requirements for this. The ability to speak telepathically with animals is given to everyone, it is a natural sense and not a gift to just some of us.

And by the way: You don't need to own a horse in order to participate in this course.

Don't wait to finally connect with all beings around you. 

This is what you get:

  • horse talk with your own horse by all participants, the teacher and yourself
  • between 7 and 9 different horse talks in total
  • 2 days of professional teaching by renowned German animal communicator and bestseller-author Catherin Seib, 15 years experience in teaching
  • practice-oriented, down-to-earth lessons in telepathic contact with horses in all facets, no esotericism
  • a lot of feedback of the groups results
  • individual assistance
  • small group with a maximum of 8 participants
  • answers to all questions about animal communication
  • meditations on the beach
  • pleasant, warm atmosphere in our quiet beach house
  • access to the large swimming pool
  •  private beach access from the seminar house
  • fresh coconut water in the morning
  • local fruits and other snacks during class
  • access to supervised Facebook group for constant exchange and practice opportunities
  • Certificate of Participation
gate to heaven

Costs: USD 980.-

Course content

horse communication

At our basic course in animal communication for horses, you will learn how to establish telepathic contact with animals in general, practised on ours and the participants' horses. You will be introduced to the subject in an uncomplicated way with a little theory, but above all with a lot of practice.

You will experience your first results in many horse conversations, in which you will receive messages from the horses that you couldn't have guessed. You will only be given the name, age and information about since when this horse belongs to its human. We only work with photos of the participants' horses, so that you cannot deduce anything from their behavior. Each horse will be spoken by all participants and me as your teacher, so that we can compare the results for you to become more confident in your results.

We will not meet horses in actual physical presence, apart from mine if you need to touch some fur in our breaks.

It will quickly become clear to you that telepathy actually works and that animal communication can be learnt by anyone. Even your own horse can talk.


The basic course is only about first small talk with horses. You may approach the matter lightheartedly. It will most likely be very nice and certainly quite funny. 

Animal communication basic course for horses: Dates 2024 / 2025

Animal Communication Advanced Course

tba: end of 2024 / early 2025, saturday & sunday
daily 10 AM - 4 PM

Animal Communication for horses basic course

in Costa Rica

What does it cost?

The training fee is USD 980,- per participant.

With your booking, 50% of the above stated price will be due, payable via PayPal, European bank transfer, Costa Rican bank transfer or by cryptocurrency. The other 50% will be due on monday before the course date or paid cash on site on the morning of day one. 

Travel to and from the training, accommodation and meals are exclusive, i.e. not included in the training fee. You can bring your sandwich for our 45 minutes lunch break or have some coconut water, cookies and fruits that we provide. Helpful tips for your travels to our beach and accomodation recommendations can be found in our info sheet, which will be gladly sent to you if you are interested.

Transportation on training days in the morning and afternoon from and to nearby accommodations (up to 20 mins drive) is included

Contact me now to book your course or to have a get-to-know conversation. Please use the contact form below. I am looking forward to meeting you! We all do.

Tierkommunikatorin Catherin Seib Costa Rica

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